How is mathematics not based on senses—you can do math but its dependent on knowing what numbers, logic, space is…. this is Godel’s incompleteness theorem. All rational knowledge depends on an understanding of the world (i.e. concept of numbers)… different kind of incompletelness.

At least mathematicians are fully aware of the futility of seeking perfection, thanks to the “incompleteness” theorems laid out by Kurt Gödel in the 1930s. These show that, in any domain of mathematics, a useful theory will generate statements about this domain that can’t be proved true or false. A limit to reliable knowledge is therefore inescapable. “This is a fact of life mathematicians have learned to live with,” says David Aspero at the University of East Anglia, UK.

Strange Loop idea… Are these self referential couplets not dialectic? Relation to Hegel.