Nov 14 - Class Notes

Historical injustice (domestication and domination—relationship of power and/or governor and governed and the interest and/or preferences and/or point of view or voice of the governed are not taken into account).

We’ve bread them to be complicit and servile . They defer to us in almost everything they do in their day. We are benevolent dictator and they are our property. Very limited welfare laws in the background.

The dependence is perpetual which is different than a child that we raise to grow out of the relationship and be on their own.

In Illinois there is a law that treats custody of pets similar to children (not property), in the case of divorce—in the best interest of the dog (kind of ground breaking).

Two views…

Abolitionist—it’s wrong, period, even domestication.

Welfarist—best interest of animals and get welfare up to a minimum.