It’s satisfying as it goes on but there is no pay off and maybe that’s the point. At the end you’re left with questions and confusion.

Told in two parts, by an unreliable narrator(s) (“Chameleon in spite of himself, there you have Molloy, viewed from a certain angle.”) who think of themselves rather highly (“I managed somehow. Being ingenious.”).

Just as you find, what you believe, are solid links between the parts, you loose your footing. Two parallel, conflicting, journeys.

How do the two parts relate? Are they the same person (the bike, the crutches, the hurt leg all point to them being the same)? They both go through their ordeals to end back at home. The writing and the taking of pages vs. the report that is due. The themes of molestation?

Dante trials

Constipation is a sign of good health in Pomeranians.

that I was on my way to my mother, whose charity kept me dying.

Ah the old bitch, a nice dose she gave me, she and her lousy unconquerable genes.