I’ve been an entrepreneur since college (BS 1998 and MS 2000 from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign in Electrical and Computer Engineering). I spent winter break my junior year printing business cards and emailing everyone I knew about website development (it wasn’t a lot of people).

I helped co-founded a number of companies: in technology (Technacity), finance (Infinium Capital), energy (Energy.me and Amp Americas), and real food (The Fresh Factory). As an investor, I’ve been active in real estate (R2) and venture capital (Great Point) having helped start funds in each. Today, I invest through New Frontier Holdings, a firm I started in 2010.

Along the way, I’ve coded (worked on an early VR education game, put some of the first classes online, wrote trading software, wrote a media buying optimization engine, and recently learned Python—man, these kids have it easy). I’ve traded stocks, bonds, volatility, oil, natural gas, electricity, and carbon credits. They made fun of us when we showed up with handheld computers in the trading pits. I’ve been in business with PhDs and farmers (sometimes people who are both). At times, I’ve done graphic design, the accounting books, and made the coffee.  

All of this I view as related—it’s always been about learning something new and trying to create value. A lot of it sits at the intersection of markets, technology, and big social problems like climate change. I’m particularly proud of the impact we’ve had at Amp (at the time we had the lowest carbon intensity score of any project in the history of California) and my work with Acumen Fund where I serve on the board.

I live and work in Chicago with my wife Kris but we try to spend at least a few months every other year in the Bay Area. We also own a small farm in Wisconsin that we’ve working to turn into an animal rescue. Most weekends you can find us there with our misfit rescue dogs running in the fields (the dogs—less so us).

This site serves as a way to collect and organize my thoughts. I also find the act of writing a few things about an exhibit or a book to be incredibly helpful to better process it. The site is more for me than anybody but maybe someone will find it useful.